How much does a Canadian pay for Canadian TV?

The Canadian government has announced plans to spend $6.6 billion on new and refurbished TV sets by 2020.

That’s almost $2,500 per household.

The money will go toward buying 4 million more screens, refurbishing older models, and buying more TVs from Canadian manufacturers like Sharp, Panasonic, and Sharp.

There will also be a push for more affordable models that don’t require new cables.

Here’s how much each TV costs: The cheapest model from Rogers, Bell, Shaw, and Videotron will cost about $3,800 per month, while the more expensive model from Videotrol and Bell will cost more like $4,500.

(The $4.99 price tag is for a new model, which costs about $2 more.)

It also seems that Bell will get a lot of new models, with plans to build about 1,000 new TVs by 2020 that will run at the current prices.

The government will also spend about $500 million to help manufacturers create more affordable sets, including the cost of making the TVs themselves.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, which is owned by Rogers, says that about 1.3 million homes in Canada will get the new sets by the end of the decade, and more than 1 million homes will get them by 2020 in the U.S. and China.

But there’s also some competition for the priciest models.

For example, the new models from Sharp and Panasonic that Rogers will buy from Panasonic will start at about $1,000 a month.

The new models will also start to be sold in Canada at about the same price, although it’s not clear yet whether the new model will start to cost more than the older models.

In Canada, the $1.99 TV from Shaw is about twice as expensive as the new Panasonic model, and about three times as expensive for the same service.

(It costs about four times as much in the United States.)

The price of the old TVs will also rise.

Shaw says the prices of the older sets will stay the same.

Rogers says it will increase the prices for the newer sets by at least $1 to $2 a month in 2019 and 2020.

And the government says it plans to keep the price of new TVs at the same level as the older ones.

For now, though, the price difference between the old and new TVs will remain the same, with about one-third of households having the older TVs for the $3-a-month price tag and about two-thirds having the newer ones.

The CBC says it has more details about the new plans.

In addition to getting rid of old TVs, the government will invest in a new network of new and upgraded high-definition television sets.

CBC News reported earlier this year that the government was planning to build 3,000 high-def sets, though it was unclear when the plans would actually begin.

The high-density sets will be aimed at the most discerning and technologically-minded consumers, and will be cheaper than the current HD sets that consumers have to pay for because they’re used in homes with low or no internet connections.

The technology behind high-dynamic-range (HDR) televisions will also help to make the current TVs more attractive.

But the technology behind the new high-resolution sets will also give the government some flexibility to get rid of the expensive old TVs and replace them with cheaper models, CBC News noted.

So if you have a $2-a–month TV and a $6-a‑month set from the Rogers network that’s also $1 more expensive, the CBC says you can switch.

If you don’t have a new TV, there are plans to help you save money by buying a cheaper TV from the same manufacturer.

But, as it stands, Canadians will still have to shell out more money for a higher-quality, more expensive TV.

What you need to know about the Canadian election:

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