How to fix the U.S. election results

A few months ago, the results were in and I was the first to say that it was possible that the country might be headed to a second straight presidential election that could prove to be a close race.

Today, though, I’m back in the studio to break down how to fix what I believe to be one of the most consequential election losses in history.

I’ve got the numbers, the politics, the theory, and the predictions to help you understand the election results and how you can make a difference for our country.

You’ve probably heard the term “super Tuesday” before.

That’s when millions of Americans turn out to vote for their local representative.

That is an important time for elections, as we need a wide variety of voices on the political stage, and I think there are some big, simple questions we need to ask about how these votes are being cast.

Super Tuesday was supposed to be an important milestone in the country’s democracy.

It was supposed be the moment where we learned that we have a real choice in the 2016 election and that it is possible for all of us to have a voice in the political process.

The idea that we were going to have to watch the results from the sidelines and make decisions on our own was ludicrous.

This is not a game, and it is not even close.

And yet, it’s a huge moment in American democracy, and we’re going to need all of our voices on this issue to make sure we get this right.

What you need to know about the election and its results The Electoral College is a complicated and controversial system, but its one that many people agree on.

If you want to understand why this election was such a disappointment for a lot of people, it helps to understand how the system works.

The Electoral college is a constitutional process that gives electors, or electors in the case of presidential elections, a small number of votes.

These electors then cast their votes for their favorite candidate in order to elect a president.

This process is supposed to take place every four years, but the last election was in 2008.

In 2016, the Electoral College did not elect a candidate.

Instead, a superdelegate, or someone who serves as a conduit for electors, took a handful of votes from all of the states, including Virginia and Ohio, to give the electors that state’s presidential votes to the candidates they favored.

This meant that, in the minds of many people, the election was stolen from them.

This wasn’t the first time the Electoral college had been used to vote a president, and many people were quick to point this out.

As a result, the electoral college was not used in the 2008 election.

But, it was used in 2004, in a special election for Vice President Al Gore to take on President George W. Bush.

And, as you can imagine, there was a lot to like about the process that resulted in the outcome.

With the presidential election under way, it seemed like a good time to look at how the process worked and why it was so frustrating.

This election turned out to be the most divisive since 1988, and in fact, there were more votes cast for Democrats than there were for Republicans in that election.

This was a different time and a different election.

The election came down to just two candidates, and with two candidates on the ballot, the outcome of the election is decided by the popular vote.

There were only about 10 states that didn’t vote.

In Florida, the margin was razor thin.

There was a huge swing in Florida’s favor, but it was just one vote.

So, what happened?

What were the big issues that mattered in Florida and the election?

One of the biggest issues was Florida’s superdelegates.

As I mentioned earlier, this system gives electors their votes by popular vote, and superdelegation is a way for people to get more votes by voting for a particular candidate, instead of the popular one.

In this case, there are about 10 superde delegates, who are people who are elected by state legislatures and governors, and they are the people who have the most influence in shaping the electoral process.

There are roughly 5 million superdelevises nationwide, so superdelelegation could have been used in states that voted in 2016, and potentially helped elect Hillary Clinton.

But the issue is that there were only five superdeletes in Florida.

The issue is the people that are supposed to get their votes are superdeletors.

And superdeleteers are people whose votes were cast for a specific candidate.

If a superlete is not voting for their preferred candidate, they are considered a nonvoting superdelect.

So a lot more superdelezes were on the electoral map than superdelyes, and Florida was going to be different from every other state in that regard.

So what happens if a superlite doesn’t vote for Clinton, as was the case

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