Video games ‘have a lot to teach us’: Tech companies’ ‘new’ insights into games

By Chris O’MearaThe New York TimesDecember 11, 2017 09:27:48Technology companies are now offering more insight into the games they develop and how people use them than ever before, and they are using their tools to develop new ideas about what it means to be a game.

In a new report, the tech giants are sharing insights into their games’ use on social media and with people outside the games industry, offering insights that will help them make games more relevant to people and more profitable.

As a result, they are now sharing more information on the games that people play, what they love and dislike about them, and how they can be used to create and sell games.

Their insights, which the companies hope will help guide future decisions about how they invest in new games, are now being shared with major games publishers.

In addition to being part of the new game analytics, the companies are also looking to improve their social engagement.

In a new effort to be more relevant, they have partnered with the gaming industry’s leading social media platform, GameStop.

In January, the two companies announced that they would start sharing data on the social interactions of game players on the company’s platform.

The two companies are partnering with Twitter, Facebook, Google, Spotify, and YouTube to provide the insights.

The partners are also sharing insights about how people play and the games people play.

While the companies have shared more about their games to their game analytics partners, it has also been sharing more details about how games are played on their platform.

This includes the number of times people have played each game, how often they play a particular game, and their favorite game.

The new data will help those companies to determine how they should spend money on new games and what type of game they should invest in.

This information, combined with their social interactions, will help the companies understand how people are playing games and how to best develop and market new games.

The companies are even sharing more of their games data with other companies, like Facebook, who have also started to use it in their marketing campaigns.

As part of their game analysis efforts, the game companies are developing tools that allow game developers to monitor social interactions and share data to other players on their platforms.

For example, the gaming companies have developed tools that let users create a new social profile that shows a number of people they know from their gaming network, their favorite games, and any other information they might have about a game that they are interested in.

The tool also shows a player’s favorite game, game genres, and a game’s popularity.

The social media platforms are also using data they have gathered from the analytics to help them develop a marketing campaign around a particular title or game.

For example, if a developer has a new title coming out soon, they can use this data to identify which people are most likely to buy the game, which gamers are most interested in buying it, and which people might want to buy it.

The companies hope that the data they are sharing will help drive more people to play their games and sell more of them, which will help developers and game publishers stay competitive and grow their businesses.

In fact, the data from their game insights tools is being used by some of the most important publishers in the video game industry.

For instance, Activision Blizzard is using the data to help its publishers develop and sell their upcoming blockbuster title, Call of Duty: WWII.

“We see great opportunities in combining social insights and game analytics with marketing, analytics, and new products and services,” said James Lacy, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at Activision Blizzard.

“The data will continue to be invaluable for us and our players, as we build our business in new ways.”

The companies are looking to use this information to further their understanding of what makes a game successful and what they need to do to make sure it continues to sell well.

“As a game publisher, we want to be able to leverage our social analytics with our marketing strategy to better understand our players and their preferences for our games,” said David DeChambeau, chief product officer at EA.

“We believe our customers are the most engaged, engaged fans in the world and we want them to know how we are using social insights to help make sure that we deliver the best experiences possible to our customers.”

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