Which is the best Pakistani movie?

We are about to discover whether the Pakistani film industry is thriving or struggling.

The country’s cultural and political diversity is often overlooked in comparison to the rest of the world, but the country is certainly not a place where everyone is equal.

A new film from Pakistan has been named the best in the country by BBC News.

Pakistans love cinema and, to some extent, the industry is a reflection of that.

The film, called “Fantastic”, is an adaptation of the book of the same name by Pakistani writer and poet Tahir Alam.

The book, written in 1999, tells the story of a young Pakistani girl who is abducted by a rich family.

The daughter’s family then takes her to another country to raise her as a princess.

Alam writes the book in the context of the region where he grew up, Pakistan, and it is a tale of a girl who was raised by her parents and was raised in a very different way to other girls in her country.

Alam’s book was also the subject of a film, “The Great Escape”, released in 2014.

The director of the film, Nawaz Sharif, told BBC News that the film has received some positive reviews.

“It is the kind of film that will give you a lot of heartache, but also give you some relief.

I am a fan of Tahir’s writing,” Sharif said. “

I am a huge fan of Alam’s writing.

I am a fan of Tahir’s writing,” Sharif said.

But I don’t want to talk about it. “

There are people from the outside who think this film should be banned.

And I don. “

We need to have more films that we can show to the world.

And I don.

I just want to show films in Pakistan.”

‘I love the music’ Alam is a native of Pakistan’s North Waziristan tribal region, and his family are known for their traditional music.

“The story of ‘Fantasia’ is a story of an ordinary girl who meets a rich man, who is a very rich man.

The story is about how this girl is raised by these two people,” Alam said.

Alam said the story was told in his native language of Urdu and he loved the music and the film.

“But I am also a big fan of Pakistani folk music,” he said. 

“This is what I have been writing since my childhood.

When the Pakistani language was very poor, I would use Urdu as my language. “

Now I am writing in Urdu.

But now I am learning more and more Urcom music and I am becoming a better singer. “

My songs were in Urcom (Urdu language).

I love the stories and I love people who live in the stories. “

This film is my attempt to tell this story.

I love the stories and I love people who live in the stories.

I also love the people in the movies.”

The film’s stars are in good company.

Fawad Khan, Anusha Ghatak, Akbar Khan, Saeed Khan, Zeeshan Akhtar and Aamir Khan are among the other actors who have been cast in the film with Nawaz, who said that the actors are “really good.”

“They are very talented people,” Nawaz said.

The actors have been nominated for multiple awards, including the Bafta award, the Oscar, the Baikal and the Oscar for best actor.

Nawaz is also known for his role in the Pakistani comedy film “Koi Ki Jaane”.

It is one of the countrys most popular comedy films.

Nawak also plays the role of an anti-corruption crusader. 

The director is also the son of the late Pakistan president Ziaul Haq.

“He was the prime minister for 35 years and he is still alive,” Nawak said.

Nawad said that while the film is set in Pakistan, the actors who play characters in it are also Pakistani.

“When we were shooting in Karachi we got a lot more money from the city because of the Pakistan Film Festival,” he told BBC Pakistan.

“They [the film’s actors] were not from Karachi.

We were from different parts of the city and we could travel to different cities.”

Nawaz has been working on “Fantine” for more than a year.

“Fancy” is set to open on July 25.

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