How to Make Your Own TV Shows

Posted October 09, 2010 03:50:00There’s a new generation of TV show makers who can make a living from their programming.

That’s what James Cameron and his brother Steven are working on, as they launch the first full-fledged TV series in the U.S. in a couple of months.

The first two episodes of the series, titled “Sharknado” and “Dr. Evil,” are set to debut next month on Syfy and the CW networks.

The series, based on the popular science-fiction movie franchise, centers on a group of misfits who are suddenly transported to a tropical paradise.

It stars a character called Sharknado and a bunch of the actors who appeared in the first two seasons of “Sharks.”

“We’re going to be a little bit more gritty than we are with ‘Sharks,'” Cameron said in an interview with Bloomberg Television.

“We’re trying to make this show that is as realistic as possible and be the opposite of what the fans expect.

We’re also trying to be more inclusive.”

The series follows the lives of four members of the “Dr Evil” group: a nerdy kid with super powers, a genius scientist, a tough lawyer and a brilliant doctor who has a girlfriend.

The characters aren’t all that different from those of the original “Shrek” and the upcoming “Shutter Island.”

But unlike the movies, there are no villains, just a bunch with a bit of an eccentricity.

“We are very much about having fun,” Cameron said.

“The thing that is really cool about the TV show is, we’re doing it in a way that you don’t get to see much of in a Hollywood movie.”

The first season of “DrEvil” premieres next month at the Sundance Film Festival, which will be broadcast in the United States on CBS and the Syfy channel.

It’s being produced by Cameron and Steven Spielberg.

Cameron also directed the pilot and has a cameo in the pilot episode.

The series has already drawn criticism, with some calling it a show that’s too realistic and others saying it’s too silly.

That criticism will likely continue as the first episode premieres on Syfy.

Cameron said the show’s writers were aware of the criticisms and that he hopes to keep them to a minimum.

“I’m trying to avoid the extremes of what we’ve seen before,” Cameron told Bloomberg Television in an email.

“In the first season, we have a few things that we thought were really ridiculous and we wanted to make sure we weren’t over-reacting to what fans were saying.

That was one of the things that I learned about the Internet and how it’s very easy to jump on any criticism that’s thrown at you.”

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