Why I left the NBA for the NFL

I am not sure how I survived my childhood to leave my parents’ house to play for the Los Angeles Lakers.

They were the best-kept secret in the country, my mom says, and they had a house on the Upper East Side that I never saw.

I was a high school senior when I first got drafted by the Lakers in 1984.

I would play in the same arena as Kobe Bryant, and I loved the place.

After a few years, I moved to the team’s practice facility in suburban Santa Monica.

The Lakers won five championships in that time, and my first year there, I was among the youngest players to play in an NBA game.

I played in one of the greatest games in the history of the league, the 1997 Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

But by then I was the center of attention, so I decided to leave.

The only people who knew about it were my mom and dad, who didn’t have any other kids.

In hindsight, I think my parents had the wrong idea about the way they were raising me.

They had not made a good choice about where I should go to college, and even though I had always been good at basketball, I had never really thought about it as a major decision.

I just felt like it was the right thing to do.

My father and I were very lucky to have a family, and he had made the most of it.

My mom and I have always had a good relationship with the Lakers.

He was a great owner, a very caring person, and a really great person.

My mother is very involved in the business side of things, and she helped us get through a lot of hard times when we were growing up.

And my dad is the owner of the team, and that was the best part about him.

I have never seen him in my life, and never wanted to.

I don’t know why.

When I got drafted in the second round of the draft, I thought, Oh, I got a really good chance to be an NBA player.

I knew my parents were really good at what they did.

But then I went through the process of going through the NBA’s medicals, which is an enormous, time-consuming process.

And there were so many questions.

And I had a feeling that I would have a problem with it.

I had not had a concussion for six months.

When it happened, my mother was sitting next to me in the team meeting room, and her eyes were closed, her face was red, and the whole room was looking at her.

I remember her saying, “It hurts like hell, doesn’t it?

You’re not wearing your helmet anymore.”

It was a real struggle.

I started crying.

I told my mom I was sorry and that I didn’t think I could handle it.

But she was really, really, not in the mood to hear that.

She just kind of let me know I had to come in and do it, and then she said, You can do it.

The first game I played was against the Lakers, in the first round of a conference finals series, which the Lakers won.

That game was really hard for me to watch.

It was kind of a wake-up call.

I mean, I felt like I was playing for a championship.

My first year in the league was a really big step.

I got really good and my coach said, “I think I’ve got you ready for a big league career.”

I just got to play the whole year, and it was just a different time in my career.

I think the first thing I thought about after that was, I really want to go to the NBA, and be a professional basketball player.

That was kind

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