When was the last time you actually saw a Britney Spears concert?

Originally published March 13, 2019 11:20:16By now, you know Britney has had her share of hits over the years, and for a couple of years, you could always count on her to make an appearance at your local club.

However, the pop superstar, whose real name is Sharon Jones, was never able to make the leap to the big screen as she was under contract with Warner Bros. at the time, but her music has remained an integral part of pop culture for years.

In 2015, Britney released a solo album titled “Never Mind The Buzzcocks” and it’s been one of the best selling albums in the history of the world.

The album sold more than 4.2 million copies worldwide and was nominated for six Grammy Awards including Album of the Year.

Her song “Blank Space” has since become a staple in pop culture and is the basis for countless movies, television shows, video games and even music videos.

But just this past May, Brits return to the music scene as she announced she was leaving her deal with Warner Music.

This marked the first time Britney’s contract had been up since 2009.

Her contract with the Warner Bros., however, was not extended past 2020.

The star, who is now 41, had previously stated that she wanted to go to a recording studio and make music without a label and signed a deal with a label, Warner Bros, to help her achieve that goal.

However that deal, according to Billboard, was set to expire after three years.

“I just feel like I have to be the person that helps them reach their dreams, not a label,” Britney told Billboard.

“I just think if I can be a person that can help them, then maybe they can get there.”

According to Billboard’s report, Britneys contract with WB, which was set for renewal until 2021, had been set to end on March 3, 2021.

However the star had already been scheduled to perform at the Billboard Music Awards on April 7.

On May 7, it was reported that Britney was “in talks with Warner to extend her contract” and her contract was set up to expire on March 9, 2021, according the New York Post.

It was not until the Post’s report that WB and Britney had reached a tentative agreement for the Britney to continue performing at the awards show and on May 10, 2021 Britney announced her return to music.

The following day, Brit, who had a scheduled performance on April 10, made her concert debut with her new single “You Make Me Feel Like A Woman.”

The following week, Brit released her fourth album, “Nevermind the Buzzcock,” which was the first single to be released by Britney since “You Made Me Feel,” in 2016.

On May 14, the singer posted a video for the song, “The Next Step.”

Following her performance, she also shared a video to her Instagram account, sharing the words “Thank you, thank you, thanks,” and posting a picture of her with a smiling baby.

Following the album release, Brit revealed that she would be embarking on her first world tour as a solo artist.

The tour, which is slated to begin in early 2019, will include stops in London, Glasgow, Dublin, New York, Toronto, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and Miami.

The singer’s next tour will be her first as a woman, but she’s also already made history by becoming the first woman to perform in front of a live audience at a live concert.

On June 9, she performed a duet with Rihanna in London’s Hyde Park.

“Thank you for your love,” Brit tweeted after the performance.

“You made me feel like a woman and I’ll be doing my best to make this the best I can for you.”

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