When Google launches a movie in theaters, can it be considered a first-run?

The Google Search giant has begun a new phase in the filmgoing experience, with Google Play Movies launching in select theaters on February 18th.

Google has partnered with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) to distribute the first-ever theatrical screenings of movies including Arrival, The Martian, The Interview, and Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

The screenings will be free, but can be purchased for a fee.

Google says it will also be offering a limited number of limited-time screenings of select films and documentaries.

These will be available in select locations, starting on February 25th, with additional screenings to be announced on February 27th.

The Google Play Movie app will be able to stream these screenings, and there will also have a dedicated section on the home page that will let you access additional information and features related to each movie.

The first-of-its-kind rollout comes after a long-awaited announcement last year that Google Play was going to begin streaming movies directly to subscribers starting in March.

In April, Google announced that it was going digital, and the rollout of Google Play now includes streaming to all Google Play users, which means that movies will be delivered directly to their homes.

The announcement came after a few months of speculation, and even some Google executives didn’t believe it would actually happen.

However, the rollout has been well received by moviegoers, and Google has also begun working with film studios to make the service more convenient and user-friendly.

Google Play will also offer movies that were previously available through streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, which are now available on the service.

However the rollout will only include movies that have been released since March 1st, and not all movies have been announced yet.

The rollout of the Google Play service comes as a big surprise for moviegoers who are accustomed to watching their movies on their smartphones or tablets.

In order to receive movies from the Google Store, moviegoers will need to sign up for a Google Play membership, which will cost $9.99 a year.

It will also come with a one-year subscription to YouTube, where subscribers can watch movies that are up to a month old, as well as a slew of other content.

Google recently began offering Google Play members a free trial of its new video streaming service, Chromecast.

This service will give subscribers access to movies, TV shows, and other content, but will not include Google Play movies.

The service is available on Android devices, but also iOS, Amazon Fire TV, and Fire TV Stick.

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