How the US and Egypt are fighting terrorism in the Middle East

By MARK SCHNEIDERBERG Egypt has seen its first wave of anti-American protests in nearly three years, and the government has taken a tough line on protesters who have seized government buildings and killed government employees.

In the wake of the recent mass arrests, the Egyptian government has begun to clamp down on dissent and restrictions on freedom of speech have become more severe.

The Egyptian authorities have arrested hundreds of journalists, lawyers and human rights defenders, as well as dozens of supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The protests have spread to other parts of the country, including the southern province of Minya, where a popular anti-government protest camp has been set up.

The opposition has also set up a camp in Cairo, where the Brotherhood is holding a series of meetings.

There have been other violent demonstrations since the fall of Mubarak, and in recent days protesters have used rocks and Molotov cocktails to storm several police stations in Minya.

“We are taking the road of struggle and resistance in our fight against the Egyptian state,” Mohamed Abdel Hamid, a member of the Minya-based Free Egyptians Party, told Al Jazeera.

On Saturday, police arrested nine members of the same political party, while dozens of other protesters have been arrested in other cities, including in Alexandria, Alexandria and Cairo.

The government has been quick to respond to the protests with an crackdown on all opposition groups and those who are not affiliated with the ruling party.

The crackdown has targeted prominent figures and leaders including Mohamed ElBaradei, the country’s first freely elected president, who is also the son of ousted president Hosni Mubarak.

The crackdown has also affected journalists who have been targeted for their coverage of the demonstrations, including Mohamed Fahmy, the journalist who was kidnapped in June and held for nearly three weeks.

On Monday, Egypt’s top court sentenced the former president, Mohamed Morsi, to six years in prison and seven years’ probation for crimes against the state.

He has already been released on bail.

On Thursday, the state prosecutor’s office announced that prosecutors had launched an investigation into the case of a prominent member of parliament, Mokhtar Elshamy, who was detained for questioning and detained for 10 days.

Elshamy was also arrested on the same day as the other members of parliament and the governor of Minyasr province, Abdul Aziz Saeed.

In a separate case, Elshady’s family has been denied a court hearing on the charges against him.

El-Bashir and other officials have denied the allegations, and Elshamous has continued to stand in solidarity with the protests.

ElShamy was among the few Egyptian journalists who reported from the protests in Cairo in the lead-up to the military coup in July 2011.

The military-backed government and the Muslim Brothers were behind the mass protests that toppled Mubarak.

More than 100 journalists have been killed during the unrest, including journalists, journalists’ union members, and other human rights groups.

Egypt’s new president, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, has made it clear that he will not tolerate violence.

The country’s current constitution stipulates that only the elected government and armed forces are allowed to exercise power, and he has ordered his security forces to crack down on those who try to overthrow the government.

Sisi has also made clear that the government is prepared to use all means to enforce the law, including harsh penalties.

In recent weeks, the security forces have begun arresting protesters in Cairo and other cities for their alleged involvement in violence and incitement.

“We need to stop the protests, we need to put the security services to work to stop them,” Abdel Fadil, the head of the opposition’s political wing, the Freedom and Justice Party, said on Friday.

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