Who is Matt Bissonnette?

In late March, the Australian media’s favorite young actor revealed that he was bisexual.

Matt Bissette, the son of actress and singer Kate Bissonette, had been in a relationship with his mother since they were 14 years old.

He had previously been openly gay in his past, but it was only recently that he made the decision to come out publicly.

His mother and his father are both famous actors, but they’re not always considered gay.

Matt Bissonettes father, actor and writer David Bisson, is a leading voice in the gay and lesbian community in Australia.

He is married to actress Anna Cuthbert and they have three children together.

His parents are famous for their work in television and film, including a stint in the Australian soap opera, One Nation.

Their son Matt Bisonette was born in 2013.

In the interview with the ABC, Matt revealed that the name Matt was inspired by the “gay character in the movie ‘A Night at the Opera’,” which is a comedy starring David Sedaris, a comedian.

“It was a really funny movie, it was about a gay boy named Tom who has a crush on a girl named Anna,” Matt explained.

The actor also revealed that his father is an avid reader, but does not subscribe to the Christian fundamentalist church in Australia which is also a staunch supporter of same-sex marriage.

Despite Matt’s bisexuality, his parents still live in the same town where his mother and father grew up.

When asked what they would do differently if they were older, the actor revealed, “We would be more tolerant and maybe even more accepting.”

The ABC’s Dan Bilzerian also interviewed Matt for an episode of his show, The Matt Biscuits, which focuses on Australian culture.

Bilzerian noted that the family are supportive of Matt and his mother, but would be concerned if Matt’s sexuality were known to anyone.

According to Bilzerians report, Matt Bizzer was raised by his mother in Australia and his dad is a veteran of the US military.

However, Matt was forced to leave the US after the election of President Donald Trump in November, which caused him to leave his mother for good.

For his part, David Bissettes mother, Anna Coughlan, told Bilzerias podcast that she is “surprised” at the media’s coverage of Matt Bizette’s sexual orientation.

Anna, who is married with two children, told the radio program: “I think that’s a very bad thing for Matt, for me and for our family.

We have had very close family relationships in the past and I’m very happy for Matt.”

ABC News reports that the news of Matt’s announcement came after a long-standing family feud between Kate and David.

Kate Bissetes divorce from David Biscette has led to speculation that Kate and her children have split up.

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