Egypt’s ‘Cairo Spring’ Festival Is ‘No Longer a Festival’

A festival of music and art in Cairo is now called the Cairo Spring Festival.

The event, which celebrates the Arab Spring and the Arab Republic’s revolution, has become a gathering place for Egyptians across the country, with musicians and artists performing throughout the week.

The festival is now billed as the “first-ever Egyptian Spring Festival,” with more than 60 acts scheduled to perform throughout the city.

The “cairo spring” festival is one of the most significant cultural events in the Middle East.

It draws people from all walks of life and ethnic groups, offering an outlet for political activists and artists to perform.

The event also draws crowds of tourists, who come from all over the country.

For years, the event was mostly held at Tahrir Square in Cairo, but the crowds grew when the military took power.

The military imposed a curfew in December 2013, but after that, a new year has passed and the festival has become an event for Egyptians, with artists performing during the week, musicians playing on weekends and events on holidays.

The Cairo Spring festival has attracted thousands of visitors since the military removed the curfew and the government announced a number of changes, including closing schools, canceling public gatherings and opening museums and galleries.

But many of the artists and performers who have been performing have been protesting against the government’s policies, with the protests gaining more traction in recent years.

Many of the protests were staged in recent weeks, including in Tahrir, the capital of Egypt.

While the protests have been gaining traction, many of them have also been fueled by the country’s ongoing economic crisis.

The government has not given a clear response to the protests, with President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s government announcing a series of reforms last week.

Some of the reforms have been aimed at easing the pressure on the economy, while others have been directed towards curbing the influence of the countrys main opposition party.

The new Egyptian Spring festival is expected to take place from June 11-17.

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