WATCH: WATCH: Watch: ‘The Last Jedi’ trailer reveals Luke Skywalker’s origins

Star Wars fans have been waiting patiently for the trailer for The Last Jedi.

And now, it has been released.

The trailer opens with a young Han Solo (Adam Driver) being led into a room with a group of young people, all dressed in Jedi robes.

Han is sitting on the bed, dressed in a red cloak, looking down at his feet and smiling.

As he says, “You have a new destiny,” the young men begin to dance.

Then the clip cuts to Han’s lightsaber being drawn, and the footage fades to black.

The film opens with Han on the planet of Jakku in a room full of droids, and a group in robes.

They’re all playing Jedi.

The footage fades out to show a woman on a balcony, holding a large bundle of crystals.

Han, Solo and Luke (Adam West) are seen walking up to the balcony.

The woman, who is dressed in red, appears to be holding a bundle of crystal shards.

She turns to Han, saying, “I know you’re here to find me, and that you have a destiny to find your family.

Now come.”

Han, Luke and Leia (Daisy Ridley) all turn to her and say, “We can do it.”

Han looks down and smiles, and then looks up and says, “‘I have a daughter.'”

As Han, Luke, Leia and the woman leave, the clip fades to show them walking to a ship.

The scene cuts to the sky, where Han, Leia, Luke (Luke Skywalker) and Rey (Daena McGregor) are flying.

The clip fades back to Han and Leia’s room.

The image then fades to reveal the woman in the red cloak holding a crystal.

The video fades to the background, with the woman dancing.

Han and Leia leave the room.

Then, the footage cuts to a black screen with a voice saying, “…

Now come.”

In the scene, Han, Solo, and Luke are all seen in a scene that fades to a large view of the planet Jakku, with Han and Solo in the foreground.

The screen fades to green, and we hear a voice that says, “…

It is a good day for a boy to grow up.”

Then, the scene cuts back to the scene of the Jedi in a classroom, with a woman in a white robe, holding two crystal shards in her hand.

Han says, “”I am the one who will be able to find you.

“Then the scene fades to white.

The clip cuts back and forth, with one frame showing Han and Luke in the classroom.

Han and the man in the robe then say, “”It is not a good time to grow old.””

Then, we hear the same voice saying: “But you can always find your child.”

Then we see a shot of Luke, who looks very old in the scene.

Then, a shot shows Han and Rey, who look very young.

Then we hear Han say, “‘It is the beginning of the end.'”

Then, Han says, ‘I have to find the Jedi.'”

Then the video cuts to black, with all three of them leaving the room, and Han and Kylo Ren (Adam Hunt) riding on a large white horse.

Han goes up to a room and enters.

Then the scene comes back to him, with Kylo and Rey sitting on a bed with Han sitting next to them.

Then a shot comes back of Han and a white horse with a man riding behind it.

Han looks up to see Rey standing behind him.

The man then tells Han, “Rey, we will be together forever.”

Then Han says to the man, “That’s it.”

Then he goes up and takes off.

Han then goes up, and Rey sits down next to him on the floor.

Then a shot appears of Han walking to the door, and it fades to gray.

Han walks to the window.

Then Han walks outside, and he says to Rey, “Now let’s go.”

Han then turns to the boy in the robes, and says to him “I have my destiny.”

Then a long shot of the forest shows a long white line stretching down to the sea.

Then in a very brief shot, the line appears to grow longer.

Then an image of a storm begins to form around the horizon.

Then we hear more people in robes saying, “‘We must find the last Jedi.'”

The scene fades away to a white screen.

Then it comes back again, with more people dancing.

Then another shot comes up, with people dancing and talking.

Then again, we see Han and others dancing and speaking, and saying, “”Now let us go.

“Then it comes up again, showing Han walking into the forest.

Then Han says goodbye to the Jedi and the group.

Then people in the forest, who are now in robes, begin to shout.

Then they say, “…

We have to leave.

“Then an entire scene, with many people

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