Why the New York Times is a dangerous place to work

I’ve worked at a number of media companies, and they’re all different.

I’ve been a newsroom editor for a while now, and I can tell you that at the top of my list of priorities are quality journalism, innovation, and quality product.

But the Times, with its long history of covering the news in ways that don’t necessarily align with those priorities, is just a place where you can do what you like.

It’s a place that I have a lot of respect for, and that I know is full of people with great talent.

And that’s why I chose to work for them.

But just because the Times is where I work doesn’t mean that it’s the place I want to work.

A recent article in The New York Post explored just how hard it can be to build a news organization that is truly inclusive.

And it was a sad read.

When it comes to diversity and inclusion, the Times doesn’t really have any clear-cut principles.

It has a history of hiring people who are not white, and it has a long history in hiring people of color.

And so I have to ask: What does that tell me about how they think about diversity?

So what is the truth?

I want the Times to be more inclusive.

But the truth is that we can’t expect it to be, because the people who make the decisions that shape its future are largely white, male, cisgender, straight, straight-identified, and rich.

We also have a history that has historically left the newsroom in a mess, where a lot goes unaddressed and often the people working in the newsrooms don’t speak up.

I wanted to find out how the Times thinks about diversity, and what I found was surprising.

I began by speaking to the head of diversity at the Times and to a group of the reporters that cover the paper.

I asked them what they thought of diversity.

One person said that the Times has a diverse workforce, but that diversity is not something that the paper considers.

And another said that diversity has been a big part of the paper’s mission since it was founded in 1885, but the paper has been slow to embrace it.

They were all quite frank about the way the paper views diversity.

They all agreed that diversity and a diversity of perspectives are important, and some even said that they want diversity on the paper to be reflected in their own jobs.

But I wanted to know more about how the paper sees diversity in the office, and how that diversity compares to the Times’ other workplaces.

I wanted a closer look at how diversity is valued in the workplace, and about what it takes to get it.

And so I spoke with some of the most prominent women in the Times.

They are women of color, and while they’re also often male, they were all very candid about the challenges of creating a workplace that is inclusive.

One of the things that I wanted was to get a sense of how many women the Times had in its ranks, and where they were coming from.

So I reached out to two of the women at the paper, and both told me about the obstacles that they face as women of colour.

One woman, who asked not to be named, was a senior editor in the Newseum bureau in Washington.

She had a different perspective than the rest of us.

I met her for the first time when she was a teenager, and she told me that she wanted to go to journalism school because she was passionate about it.

She said that she was interested in covering politics, and her passion led her to the newspaper.

I was very impressed with her.

But when I asked her about the culture at the bureau, she said that her office had a “very different” atmosphere than other newsrooms.

One day, she was walking her staff down the hallway, and someone yelled, “You are white!” to her.

I’m not sure why, but she looked around and said, “I didn’t realize that I had to yell that at you.”

She explained that she had recently started dating a white man.

She was upset that the two of them didn’t get along, and said that it was because she didn’t believe in “diversity.”

I asked if she thought that diversity was a big issue in the newspaper and she said no.

“If I didn’t think it was an issue, I wouldn’t be here,” she said.

I asked her how she felt about having to be so vocal about diversity.

“I think that the people that make the decision about diversity at The New Times do have a different vision of diversity,” she replied.

I also spoke with a person who worked in the bureau at the Newshour.

He told me, “We don’t have a problem with diversity, but it’s very hard for us to get things done.”

He went on to say that the women who work in the paper often feel uncomfortable when they’re the only women in their office, because

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