Al Jazeera’s Al Jazeera America coverage: ‘We have no choice but to be honest’

The US State Department is reviewing the documentary about North Korea’s atomic weapons program, saying it does not comply with standards to ensure it is independent and impartial.

“The State Department has decided that the film does not meet the standards required to be considered for a State Department Foreign Press release, which would allow for an immediate release,” a State department spokesperson told Al Jazeera on Friday.

“A decision will be made within 60 days, with the State Department having to decide whether to issue a State of the World report on North Korea, or whether to wait for an official decision from the North Korean government.”

The film, which is the subject of a lawsuit brought by the US and the UN, will not be released by the State department until at least July.

“We have to take the film very seriously,” Al Jazeera Australia’s director of communications, Matt Lee, told Al Jazeera.

“In the film, you hear the words ‘a threat to our security’.

That is an ominous word for us, that means we are going to be at risk for some time.”

The movie was released in the US on Friday and will be available for free on YouTube and Hulu, but it is still unclear how long it will be free to watch.

It is unclear what happened to the documentary that was made and the US embassy in North Korea has yet to respond to Al Jazeera.

In August, the US Embassy in Pyongyang issued a statement saying it would not be releasing any further film about the country.

It did not provide any further details about the documentary.

In September, a US government watchdog said the State Departments policy on foreign documentaries did not apply to the film released by Al Jazeera, saying the documentary was an “official report”.

Al Jazeera has asked the US government to clarify its policy on the film.

The State Department said it was not aware of any decision to release the film and that it was “working to determine the best course of action to provide North Korea with the information it needs to make informed decisions in the future”.

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