Google: We don’t have ‘anti-piracy’ tools but ‘anti’ content

Google, Apple and Facebook will no longer be required to disclose how many copyrighted works users download from third-party services and websites, a move that could make it easier for users to fight back against alleged copyright infringement.

The move, which is expected to be implemented as part of a new European law, was announced by European Union Digital Agenda Commission chairman Jean-Claude Juncker in Brussels on Monday.

The decision comes as the European Commission plans to introduce new rules to ensure users are not only protected from online copyright infringement but also from content that is “anti-competitive”.

“It’s no longer possible to rely on a single set of standards for the protection of intellectual property,” Juncker said.

Under the new rules, European Commission member states would be required by law to establish standards for how they monitor copyright infringement and to ensure that they don’t promote or supply “anti” content.”

This is the first time that we are moving away from the old approach of imposing a single code of conduct on the Internet.”

Under the new rules, European Commission member states would be required by law to establish standards for how they monitor copyright infringement and to ensure that they don’t promote or supply “anti” content.

According to the Commission, “anti”-content content can be illegal, harmful or harmful to the interests of society.

“These measures are based on a common approach, based on our existing rules, that gives consumers and the entertainment industry the certainty that they can use their right to protect their own intellectual property without worrying about what others think or how they use their own property,” said a spokesperson for the European Digital Agenda.

“We are moving towards a system that ensures that consumers have the freedom to choose what they consume and what they do with it.”

Under existing European Union law, the Commission has the power to force companies to disclose the number of copyright infringements they are taking action against.

Under the proposed new law, however, it would only have to notify the European Court of Justice of infringements.

The Commission will also be able to require third-parties to take more action against alleged infringers and could impose fines on companies that fail to enforce the rules.

Under Juncker’s plan, copyright holders would be able “to put an emphasis on what they are doing”, rather than just relying on a “one-size-fits-all approach”.

“The aim is to be able [to] have a more effective and more effective protection of copyright,” Juncker said.

According the Commission website, the European Union is “committed to protecting the right of the user to decide where to download content, when to download it, and who to share it with.”

“The Commission’s approach aims to make this work for all Europeans by allowing consumers and copyright holders to have greater control over how their digital information is shared,” the website states.

The European Digital agenda has been pushing for the creation of new laws in the EU since May.

Earlier this year, the EU agreed a new copyright law to make it harder for online services to share copyrighted works, which could lead to increased copyright infringement cases being filed in European courts.

In May, the Council of Europe rejected a proposal to make the EU the only member state that had to adopt new laws on copyright enforcement.

The move was seen as a major step towards greater internet regulation in the bloc.

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