How to become an Asian American entertainer

With the advent of the ‘Hip Hop Generation’ and the advent in the popularity of ‘Big Bang Theory’, many Asian American music stars have found themselves on the map.

The best way to do so is to be able to speak a language fluently.

There are many Asian-American artists who have made a name for themselves on their music.

Some are more well known than others.

Below are the 10 best Asian American singers and songwriters.


T’Pau – Ta Keo-tso (Korean) – Korean singer T’Pei is a Korean-American singer and songwriter.

She is currently on tour in Japan and has been performing regularly in the States since 2012.

Her career as a singer began in 2011 when she debuted on a track with the then-unreleased group The Myspace Boys.

Her song Ta Keol-tseok is a popular song of the hip hop generation.

She has a very unique style that has won over fans from all over the world.


AOA – Big Bang (Korea) – AOA’s Ta Keos are known for their pop style.

The group is known for creating and releasing hits on their own, and Ta Keoz can be found all over South Korea.

In addition to his singing, Ta Keoo is also a talented singer.

In the past, he has appeared on several songs with AOA.


Daesung – Gee Young-doo (Koreans) – Daesuk has performed regularly in South Korea and in other Asian countries for years.

In 2009, Daesuke was invited to participate in the K-Pop Tour for the first time.

He has been known to perform at events in South Korean cities as well as perform abroad.


EXO – The Girl in the Mirror (Kong) – EXO is a supergroup consisting of EXO members and singers who are currently on hiatus.

The girl group debuted in 2013.

They were able to release their debut album in 2014.

Their popularity is not limited to the music industry, but the group has gained a lot of popularity on social media.


Sistar – Wanna One (Korans) This group of Korean-born American singers is a pop group with roots in the US.

The members are known as “The Boyz”.

Sistar is a singer who has been featured in TV shows like “The Big Bang Theory” and “The Voice”.


K-pop star Park Ji-sung – Park Jiyeon – Korean pop star Park is known in the West as one of the biggest stars in K-Kpop.

He is a member of K-Rock and is currently performing on the world stage.

He recently starred in a TV show called “The Power of One” and has a variety of songs on his resume.


Superstar Bae Joon Young – Bae Jinhee – BKJ’s Bae is the only Korean- American singer on this list.

He was recently featured in a reality show called The Bachelor.

He also performed at the 2016 Olympic Games.


Yoon Jung-ha – Yoon Ji-hye – YJ is the youngest member of the Superstar group and the only female member of Superstar.

She was recently ranked #3 on the list of the most popular singers in the world by Forbes.

She recently appeared in the TV series “Cougar Town”.


Kwon Doo-hwan – Yoo Se-yeon-ah – Yo Se-Yoon is a Japanese singer.

Yoo is a familiar face in Korea as well.

She made her debut in 2016 with her song K-Star, which was a song for her song ‘Yoo’ by the band G-Dragon.


BTS – Bangtan Boys – Bangs have been doing a lot in Korea for years and are very popular among the fans.

The band has been on many tour in Asia and Korea.

BBS has a good amount of international recognition.

BBM is known to have more than 25 million followers worldwide.

B-TS is the most famous Korean American singer.

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